How To Create An Ebook In Canva

How to Create an Ebook in Canva in Less Than 10 Minutes

How to create an Ebook in Canva in 10 minutes, really in 10 minutes ?? so, the answer is yes.

You can make an ebook in Canva in 10 minutes only how you can make it??

So friends for this I’m here to solve your all queries…

In this blog, we will help you to create an amazing ebook in Canva in 10 minutes only. Friends, creating an ebook in Canva is easy for you from now. So let’s dive in…

How to create an ebook in Canva in 10 minutes

Step 1: Search

Let me give you a short intro about Canva ( if you already know skip it ). Canva is one of the best graphic designing platforms where you can make your creativity live.

So, our first step is to search on Google and open it. After this, you need to sign up or log in ( if you are already an existing user ) to Canva to make our ebook.

Step 2: Search for ” Ebook Cover”

There is a huge collection of designs, and each one has its dimension, for making it easier for you, simply search for a particular one and get the exact dimension for your design like for logos, presentations, and so on…

Now, we are creating an ebook, search “Ebook Cover” in the search bar of Canva given on the top.

create ebook in canva

Click on “Ebook Cover” and you get the exact dimensions of an ebook.

Step 3: Choose a template

After clicking on it, you get a variety of ebook design templates, you can select from this and edit them or you can create your own.

Canva template library

For this tutorial, I am using this yellow-colored template…

Creating ebook in Canva

Step 4: Tools of Canva

  • Text- Heading, subheading, little bit content, font style, font color, font size, animation, so on… included in it…
  • Elements- In elements, you will access visual graphics, photos, lines, frames, backgrounds, and many more to explore and create a wonderful masterpiece.
  • Background- Here, you can access a huge variant of backgrounds for adding your creativity perfectly.
  • Uploads- If you want to add pictures from your device, you can easily upload them by using this.
  • Photos- Canva has a rich library of photos. you can get photos of every possible niche here.

And many more to introduce to you later…

Step 5: How to edit a template in Canva

Now, we will edit this template as per our needs. You can easily edit any block by just clicking on it.

How to edit heading block in Canva-

Firstly we will edit the heading block by simply clicking on it.

How to edit the heading in Canva

As you will see that when we click on the heading section, you will see a bar appears at the top. This bar helps us to create an amazing heading with font style, color, animation, size, and so on…

How to edit other blocks of template in Canva-

How to edit elements in Canva

Now, this image is not paired with our whole creativity, we will replace or delete it and choose another one, which will be similar to our template look.

Adding elements in Canva

How to delete the unnecessary sections-

If you don’t need so many sections on the template, just delete it. For doing this, click on the section which doesn’t require the template.

delete unnecessary elements in Canva

After clicking, a bar appears, on the right-hand side, there is an image of a bin click on that and it will delete the section.

How to link your website-

You can also link an URL in Canva so easily. We will link one section with the URL of our site. How??

For this, click on the section, and once again the top bar appears. Here is an option of link ( shown in the image ), click it.

Linking the URL in Canva

Write down the URL or just copy & paste then hit the enter button. That’s it…

Link the URL in Canva

Step 6- How to create multiple pages in Canva

For making multiple pages of the ebook just click the + add page button ( shown in the image ),

Add multiple pages in Canva

and you will see that another page is created.

You can add multiple pages as per need for the ebook perfect.

We will add 2 more pages to our ebook for demo and edit them.

Adding pages to ebook in Canva

Step 7- How to download the ebook in Canva

For downloading our ebook, we are just two steps away,

  1. Firstly, we will rename our ebook file ( shown in the image ).
Edit the file name in Canva

So that after downloading, it will be easier to find it afterward on the device.

file name renaming in Canva

2. On the right-hand side, there is an option for download, on clicking, it will show you some details.

How to download ebook in Canva

To download our ebook, we will download it as a PDF form and then hit the download button.

Download PDF file in Canva

Hurray, it’s downloaded…

Canva PDF download

So friends our ebook is downloaded and ready to showcase.

I hope this tutorial helps you to create your wonderful masterpiece. Now, friends, it’s your turn to create your stunning ebook and send us on our email-

We are excited to see your wonderful ebook made by you, using the Canva platform…

Friends, if you have any queries, just write us on our Quora Space, we will always be here to listen to you…

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