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What Is WordPress SEO- the Effortless Way

Let’s discuss this,

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in search engine results.

The goal is to bring in more ensuring leads by ensuring your site appears on the first page of search engine results when people look for something related to your business or industry.

Why WordPress SEO is important?

SEO’s role in digital marketing is so important. First, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to all websites because more than seventy percent of the traffic on the web comes from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Second, SEO allows you to build relationships with customers before they ever visit your website—and that’s what we call “pre-qualified leads”.

Third, SEO makes it easier for customers to find you when they are ready to buy something; this helps you win more business by making it simple for people who need your products or services to discover you when they are looking for them.

How do I SEO my WordPress site?

Basic WordPress SEO

In this blog, I am helping you to learn about some WordPress SEO basics with Rank Math SEO plugin.

A short intro about Rank Math SEO,

Rank Math SEO is one of the best SEO plugin on WordPress. Rank Math helps in the optimization of content with some google ranking criteria.

It’s a very helpful plugin to optimize our content without too much effort.

Rank Math SEO Tutorial

So, let’s begin our Rank Math SEO tutorial by setting up this plugin.

First of all, we need to install to Rank Math SEO plugin. For this, as shown in the screenshot, go to the “Plugins” section and click “Installed Plugins” to install the plugin.

rank math seo tutorial
Installing the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin

After these steps, see there is a button called “Add New”, just click on that and we will redirect you to another page where we can find our plugin.

add new plugin
Add New Plugin

At the top, in the right corner, there is a search box. Type “rank math SEO” to find our plugin for installing it on our website.

Search for Rank Math SEO plugin
Search for Rank Math SEO Plugin

Now as the plugin description box appears, there is an “Install Now” button, click it to install the plugin.

install now rank math plugin
Install Rank Math SEO plugin

After installing it, we have to activate the Rank Math SEO plugin to our website for doing our SEO tasks. For this just click on the “Activate” button and congrats SEO buddies, you have successfully installed and activated the Rank Math SEO plugin now we will be able to do great SEO work.

Activate the plugin
Activate the plugin

As we activated the plug will see this type of interface on your WordPress Dashboard.

First of all, Rank Math has both free and pro versions as per our necessity.

For this Rank Math SEO tutorial, we will use the free version so that we will be fand familiar with Rank Math then move to the pro best because it’s the good investment you will ever make it.

As I already had both free and paid versions, on my two websites, so I am skipping now by clicking on the button “Skip” (which was provided below in the left corner). But you can create your free account by clicking on “Connect Your Account”.

Connect your account
Connect your Account

Let’s move to the second step.

Here we have to choose the mode to make our SEO tasks easier with Rank Math.

There are three types of modes- easy, advanced, and custom. The first two are available with the free version and the custom mode needs a pro version to access it.

But we are using a free account so let’s choose “Advanced” mode for controlling our every SEO task.

After this, click on “Start Wizard”.

Advanced Mode
Advanced Mode

Now next work is to import the SEO settings, This setting allows you to import your previous SEO tasks data from the following plugins if it was installed previously.

As we didn’t have any SEO plugin installed previously, we will click on the “Skip, Don’t Import Now” button and continue to the next step.

Import SEO settings
Import SEO settings

This next step is about describing our website.

For a better understanding of our website for search engines, select about website type- personal blog, a small business website, and more.

The second is to add our website or company’s logo.

Lastly, for Default social share image helps you when you share a post or page on social media if a featured image is not used in the post or page, this default image will be shown then.

All done, check the “Save and Continue” button.

A few things about your website
Your website details

The next move is to connect google accounts like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

If you already set up accounts on Google Search Console and Google Analytics just connect with Rank Math for better results.

For setting up, press the “Connect Your Rank Math Account” and after this, it will need access to your Gmail account which was linked with the Rank Math free account. Give access and done.

(If you need detailed knowledge about Google Search Console and Google Analytics, write ”Yes I Wanted” in the comment section.)

After connecting to Google services, move toward the “Save And Continue” button.

Connect Google Services
Connect Google Services
Verify your site
Verify your Site

Before this page setup tutorial let me explain,

What is a sitemap in SEO?

Search engines use sitemaps to help improve the way they crawl and index your website.

A sitemap acts as a blueprint of your website, showing search engines where all of your content is located.

Search engines can use this information depending on their search algorithm.

By creating and submitting a sitemap to search engines, you can improve your SEO efforts by providing more information for them to use.

Now you get it what is a sitemap?

As you see I enable sitemaps so that our content will index on search engines effectively.

I also enable settings like Include Images for better image indexing.

Next are Public Post Types and Public Taxonomies which are also ticked for inclusion in sitemaps.

All done. “Save And Continue”.


Yet, the final setup process;-)

As you see I enable two options only not all.

Reason if we enable “Nofollow External Links” it means we are also ignoring the valuable external link from high authority websites too.

Our last “Save And Continue” button, let’s click it joyfully.

Automation SEO tasks
Automation SEO tasks

Hurray! Our site is ready to have a great environment. Congrats SEO buddies.

And don’t forget to enable the auto-update option to save a little bit more time.

Now click on the “Return To Dashboard” option.

Setup completion
Setup completion

Page Optimization With Rank Math SEO Plugin

Now let’s understand some Rank Math SEO plugin methods for optimizing pages and posts.

As shown in the image on the top in the right corner, there is a scoreboard, it helps you to know about the efforts you made for SEO by checking the criteria that Rank Math uses for optimizing posts and pages according to Google ranking factors.

As this post was a demo it shows 3 out of 100.

But when we update our “Focus Keyword” and add that focus keyword in the meta description, title, body, headings, subheadings, alt tag in the image, and more.

It gradually increases our scoreboard too.

Rank Math SEO Metabox
Rank Math SEO Metabox

When you clicked on “Edit Snippet”, it opens a box like this.

This box allowed you to edit your snippet and preview, what your title, page URL, and meta description look like on Google.

snippet box preview
Snippet Box Preview

After Snippet is a dropdown box of ‘Basic SEO’ containing some important factors like focus keywords in title, meta description, URL, introduction, whole content, and content total words.

This all includes ‘Basic SEO’ from the Rank Math SEO plugin.

Basic SEO
Basic SEO

Even having more additional factors too that Google considers.

These factors include focus keywords in subheadings, image alt text, URL, external links, internal linking, and keyword density. (I’m trying hard to provide more detailed information on all the Google’s 200 factors, keep me motivated in the comment section:-)

Additional SEO
Additional SEO

The last two drops down are about Title Readability and Content Readability.

Now it is seen that Our SEO tasks are done easily with this Rank Math SEO plugin and with a free account too what if we upgrade to the pro version, which means greatly optimized websites.

Title and Content Readability
Title and Content Readability

Rank Math SEO Tutorial- SEO Analysis

One question, I think you have in your mind. How do we know what we are lacking in the SEO efforts that disallow us to rank on the search engines?

With the help of Rank Math SEO’s SEO Analysis.

Let’s do it…

Hover over the “Rank Math” and select the option “SEO Analysis”.

rank math's SEO analysis
Rank Math’s SEO Analysis

Click on the “Start Site-Wide Analysis” button and relax for a few minutes.

Rank Math SEO is analyzing our website.

Start Website SEO Analysis
Start Website SEO Analysis

Once done, it shows a dashboard containing the SEO Score of our website and including errors, and warnings also.

SEO score
SEO Score

Scroll down and you will get more details about what is good and what needs to improve.

 SEO tasks
SEO tasks

Now you think that with SEO Analysis we know the errors but how do we improve it?

Very simple my SEO buddies, in the right side there is an option “How to fix”, click on that and it will suggest how we can fix these errors.

How to fix
How to fix

Congratulations SEO buddies, you learn a lot about the Rank Math SEO plugin today.

Learn more about Rank Math SEO from their valuable blogs.


Let’s remind all the topics of this blog-

  • What is WordPress SEO- Website optimization process.
  • Why WordPress SEO is important- 70% of all traffic comes from search engines.
  • Rank Math SEO Tutorial- plugin installation, Rank Math SEO Wizard Setup, Page optimization hints, and SEO analysis.

WordPress SEO is one of the most important things to understand in modern marketing.

It will greatly increase your traffic and conversions.

That’s why I love WordPress SEO!

Meet Shivani, a WordPress SEO expert who is constantly working on optimizing websites for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.

If you like what is WordPress SEO? and the Rank Math SEO tutorial, comment below if you want more rank math SEO tutorials in more detail.

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